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Helix LT doesn't sit flat


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I just pulled my LT-based live rig out of storage, where it's been since last March due to COVID. And it doesn't sit flat! I can't remember if it did this before I put it in storage - it's been a realllly long year. Anyway, the upper left and lower right foot sit on the floor, leaving it to rock about 1/8" between lower left and upper right.


I can easily shim the feet on the corners that rock, but before I do that I wanted to check if this was maybe a known problem with a simple solution (loosen and retighten certain chassis screws, etc.)  Thoughts?

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2 hours ago, PierM said:

Dumb question I know...but, are you sure isnt the floor? I mean, happens to me all the time to get my controllers wobbling due floor tiles not perfectly coplanar. 


Haha, yeah, I'm sure. Same problem on floor, counter, driveway ...

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