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String snapping issue on Variax Standard


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Hi folks! I've recently started using my Variax Standard for a 60s tribute band, and a few weeks ago I had a string break at the bridge (4th). Today the same thing happened at exactly the same spot. There's no rough or sharp point at the saddle, so, has anyone got any ideas? I've just restrung with Elixirs. Is this a common thing with Standards? I sweat a fair bit so is it my sweat causing the string to fail?

Chris - Nottingham, UK

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Sweat? Slim possibility.

You use a 9 gauge string set? Didn't mention the gauge on the FB group.

Lots of string pulls?


Could be the set-up if the tension is too high. Get with Mark Wright Music in Northampton. He used to be a tech

at Line 6 Rugby, back when we had a location there. He knows guitars really well.


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