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M13 Screen Flashing?


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Last time I had a practice, for some reason the screen for Effect #1 on my M13 started flashing for no reason (I hadn't even touched any of the buttons).  I tried to turn it off and back on, but when I did it was now in updating mode where it was waiting for a command (Can't remember exactly what it said).  I had tried a couple of different combinations of buttons while power cycling it, but ended up getting it to come on. 


When I got home, I did a search online and I think the recommendation I found was to do a factory reset of it (through the Setup screen).  I did it.


Today I had a practice again (hadn't used the M13 since the factory reset) and soon after we started playing, the screen on Effect #1 started flashing again.  Everything still seemed to be working, so I ignored it.  Then all of a sudden, the Delay turned itself on (Effect #3).  When I pressed the button to turn it off, the button for it actually changed from Green (what it was supposed to be) to Purple.  Again, I tried to ignore it, but then the Tube Compressor (the selected effect from #1) started changing to a bunch of different effects.  Needless to say, I had to stop playing.   I tried to do another Factory Reset but it still kept doing weird stuff afterwards (I was too annoyed at this point to take note of what it was doing, but it was basically more of the same like wouldn't stay in tuner mode while I was trying to tune, etc.


Any ideas of what the problem could be?






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It could be a power supply problem. Can you try a different PSU? Make sure it matches these specs exactly:


I have the same problem - new unit, original power adapter. erratic blinking of the screen - happens after 5, 15 sometimes after 45 minute of idle time. and indicatively -it usually it happens on fx 4 (FWIW)...have to restart if, then to test mode, the restart again...and then again after few minutes. No exp pedals, no other pedals, just M 13 on it's own. Haven't even plugged my guitar yet.

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I have the same problem. I have owned my M13 (bought new) for about 2 years. I have used it at home, it has been well-cared for. Firmware is the most recent version.  I have tried a friend's M13 power supply which I know to be working, and the issue persists. Happens as soon as the unit is powered up, channel blinks with all sorts of erratic behavior ensuing. Unit is completely unusable.

I really like the M13 and hope to be able to fix this issue. Has there been any solution offered?

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