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piezo pickups for JTV69

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5 hours ago, cubbini said:

My JTV69 works just fine, but I'm very concerned that, if I need to replace a bad piezo, I'm gonna be out of luck!  What would some options be?  I know I'm opening up a can of worms....(tried ordering some from Full Compass... no go.)


1) You don't really have many simple options beyond finding an OEM replacement somewhere. Graphtech makes piezo saddles, but whenever you start mucking around with third party replacements, you risk screwing things up, unless you really know what you're doing. 


2) SPOILER ALERT: Everything breaks eventually, so you can stop worrying about the "if" part... and it's equally ridiculous to waste your life away worrying about when it's gonna happen. There's no reason to assume it won't last a good long time. My JTV is 8 years old, and works just fine. Don't swing it around your head on stage trying to imitate Yngwie, and don't store it on the front porch of your beach house, and it'll be fine for years on end. 

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