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Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem


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I don't think so. All I can find is info stating that 32 bit apps ought to be able to work in a 64 bit environment.. as a service engineer moderator ;) I value your insight... do you know of any ways to accomplish 32 bit mode in a 64 bit environment?


Funny thing is that originally I did have the Win 7 32 bit install on this computer but I got the Steinberg audio midi usb interface and it came with Cubase that requires a 64 bit Windows install - so I reformatted and reinstalled the 64 bit...


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I logged a ticket and got a generic copy paste from the instructions page - and even though I am using a Yamaha USB interface - Steinberg ur22 mkii - and Line 6 is also owned by Yamaha - I was directed to purchase another USB interface...


Needless to say I did not - I tried another computer and meticulously followed the instructions and my head is now updated.

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Today I tried to update my DT25 head (again) and failed the first time. I've read all the posts here and nothing seemed to work. I gave up and 3 hours later I gave it another try: powered the amp, started L6 Mokey and catchau! Communications restored, firmware updated. Maybe this error just needs you to turn the amp off for a while and then give it another try. Could it be a buffer/memory issue?

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I've just overcome this issue on my laptop with Win10.

What I was doing:

1. installed the newest M-Audio drivers

2. connected M-Audio Uno into laptop's USB2.0 port. My laptop also has USB3.0 interfaces but Uno doesn't work with them

3. connected M-Audio Uno into DT25 Head

4. switched DT25's Power on

5. opened Monkey, chose amp and in/out MIDI ports

6. logined into my account in Monkey. I've registered amp in my account few days before I updated it

7. reconnected my DT25 in Monkey

8. downloaded flash file from Line6 site

9. started update by file (not by server)


After these steps my DT25 updated.


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