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Updating old PODxt Flash Memory

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I've just dug my old PODxt out of a closet and am having a blast getting to know it again! Looking at the manuals, I see there have been a lot of flash memory updates, and that my model isn't capable of being updated via USB. So two questions:


1. I see reference to a USB/MIDI cable that I can use to update old PODxt flash memory via Line6 Monkey. Is this a very specific cable? Or will any MIDI interface work, in theory?


2. Is flash v3 so great that its worth going through the trouble? Or, if I'm jammin on version 1, should I leave well enough alone?

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It has a USB port. And I can use that to connect via the driver and even to update USB firmware via Monkey.


But Monkey just shows a "?" for the installed version under "Flash Memory". And it won't let me update it.


Looking in this forum, I've seen several people mention that version 1 of the flash memory can't be updated via USB. For example:



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