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A cheat sheet, FW 3.60 - Amps and Effects...


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On 7/21/2023 at 5:38 PM, PerS said:

That one is the only one that shows HxFx presets, too.

None of the three is perfect - all of them can be useful. - It's a fast way to find out what some wacky L6 names represent. I.e. type "mail" in the search box to see what a mail order twin actually is. Or type in "fender" to immediately see all 7ender models.


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You are right… anyway, I will link to all four.

In the, I hadn’t tried that one. That is handy and that name translation is not in any of the other three. Find it very useful. That was important when I made the pdf and the DSP calculator, to be able to see both L6-name and what it’s based on.

For fun I made a search (ctrl+f) in my pdf and got 5 hits on “mail” and 10+ on for “fender” :-). There are a few duplicates but it’s possible to search in the documents too. I haven’t locked them down, but you can mark and copy content if you wish. I have locked cells in Excel to be edited but that’s because it’s so easy to by accident screw up formulas, try to be free from possibility to do user mistakes :-).  



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