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1x212+ or 2x112+?


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When having 2 instruments, can I use a single 212+ working as 2 different cabs/ channels instead of having 2x112+?

And which Helix product would be the best?


My original plan was to get a HX Stomp and a 112+ for myself.

But if my wife wants to use her acoustic guitar also with some amp/ speakers, I would like to know if I should upgrade to another Helix device and to a 212+ instead of 2 x 112+?


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a 212 depends on the rest of the unit... 

sometimes a 212 is just 1 212. other times it can be 2 112. 


but, yes, a helix (i don't know about all of them) can run multiple instruments through multiple sound systems at the same time. 

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Powercab 122+ and 212 both have two inputs. So you could run a small mixer or acoustic guitar pedal into input 2 and your HX Stomp into input 1 and it would work fine with either Powercab as long as you ran FRFR mode.


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