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reflash jtv69s

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I really love the sounds in my V700 - especially the acoustic sounds. I also have a JTV69s. To me, the acoustic sounds are clanky, with some kind of slight dobro/banjo reverb-y sound that I do not like.


1. I've read that it is possible to flash the JTV69s back (To version 1.72 or something like that)so that it sounds just like the 700. 


2. Would I then lose some functionality? In particular,
(a) the ability to adjust string volumes per patch,  
(b) the use of the tuning selector knob, and 
(c) the "quick capo" feature
(d) the ability to blend in/out the magnetic pickups?
(e) I would then have to use Workbench, NOT Workbench HD?



I use 9s on both guitars - can't change that......

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Using 9's,... your acoustic sounds can sound banjo/dobro 'ish.

Recommended string set would be 10's or 11's.


If you manage to go back to Flash v1.72, you would have to use Workbench.

but you would still be using the 69 model patches, not 700's, as there is no portability old and new patches.


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