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Turn off HD500x while plugged into computer reboots computer


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This is NOT a deal breaker.  I have enjoyed my HD500x.  When my POD HD500x is plugged into the computer (USB cable) and the software for it is running (active connection) and I happen to turn off the pedal, it causes my computer to reboot.  I realize dropped the active connection is not great.  Just wondered if this is common?  It's just frustrating because I keep forgetting after long sessions of tone building and organizing!




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It happens quite easily that the pc crashes when it loses connection with the audio interface, especially if that interface is set as the system main audio interface, but also when a disconnection occurs while a program was still using it.



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I am in the habit of turning my computer(s) off before I disconnect a USB device. 

I mean, I know people who can plug in and out all the time. But for me, I lose data (sometimes entire partitions) when I unplug. 


I assume it is a setting somewhere. And I am well aware that some devices are not made to be disconnected. But others should be fine to do so.  

No one can explain it to me. It happened on 98SE (I don't remember using USB on regular 98), ME, XP, and 7. 



It is just a habit I picked up after so many learning experiences. I don't even try it anymore.




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If you are using Windows 10 or 11 then turning off the pod while you have software with an open pipe(connection) to it it will crash the computer every time. Any x64 machine will cause this issue. These pods are legacy devices and were designed to interface with older operating systems. The driver file makes calls to older functions and requires not just exclusive access to the pod, it requires that a specific function call be made from Edit or Monkey, or any software to disconnect and close the pipe before the pod is disconnected or turned off. Because of the way newer operating systems poll usb ports and allocate memory for them, if the pod is turned off before the pipe is closed you get a memory violation and BSOD. Running the applications in Legacy mode makes no difference.


The Pod HD PRO is a great device, but is past end-of-life. If using it with Window 10, 11 or any 64-bit operating system, always: 1) Close any connected application before disconnecting or turning off the pod; 2) Always plug it into the same usb port on your computer. Otherwise you  get "ghosting"(multiple copies) in device manager and that will cause additional errors; 3) Don't use it as a sound card for recording. Instead use an external sound card like something from PreSonus, Focusrite and line in to it from the pod. I use the XLR connections to line into a little Behringer Q1202 mixer, using the ASIO4ALL driver and it works great.


-Best of Luck,


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