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Pod GO as Audio Interface


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Hi all,


Sorry if this topic has already been covered, but I would welcome your advice.  I (like I suspect many others), have an existing audio interface with monitors connected directly to it.  Since buying the Pod GO, I am impressed with how it sounds when it's connected as an audio interface (with the monitors plugged directly into the left and right outputs).  However, I'm not sure I can live with having this as a permanent interface due to noise issues and also due to the fact that I like to have the Pod GO on the floor so I can use the expression pedal.  I don't know an awful lot about audio routing etc., but is there anyway I can use my existing audio interface alongside the Pod GO?  I suspect not due to the ASIO but worth the ask.  What about using the Pod GO plugged into the audio interface?  Advantages/disadvantages?  No stereo with this option?  Loss of quality?  It seems like a real pain in the **** to have to move my setup around every time I want to record my guitar into my DAW - surely there must be an easier way?


Many thanks in advance.



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What are you trying to achieve exactly?  You can probably plug both devices to your PC, but then it's a matter of software/OS which devices is used in what software, I don't think you'll be able to use both at the same time.


With routing, again, depends what you're trying to do...


I just use the Go as an audio interface;   PC -> USB -> GO (phones) -> amp -> speakers.   Then in Windows, you set the Go as your sound device, so my PC's sound passes through the Go and is sent to the amp, I can play music and play guitar with the Go at the same time,  the PC also works with PGO Edit and all.


As you said, as the pod go is an audio interface, you don't really need another audio interface...


I think the issue is the 'noise' you mentioned.  You shouldn't be getting any noise.  If you do, that's probably your issue.

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I can't tell exactly from the original post but it sounds like maybe you are ready for a mixer with Channel Inserts.


I plug everything into the mixer

- 2 outs from the audio interface

- stereo outs from Guitar rig(s)

- microphone

- keyboards, other audio playback device (mp3 player or similar) etc.


On the audio interface I have 4 inputs with the Main Outs of the mixer plug into inputs 1/2 of the Audio interface. On the mixer channels for the guitar rig I am using I have a cable inserted to the first click (not all the way in) in the Inserts of those channels going to inputs 3/4 on the Audio Interface. When recording I usually listen through headphones plugged into the mixer .


To record everything Live (guitar, mic, backing tracks) then I select the Main Inputs 1/2 (connected to main outs of mixer) of the audio interface as my recording device in my DAW. To only record guitar, while playing and singing along to other recorded music (backing tracks, midi etc.), then I would select the Inputs 3/4 (connected to the channel inserts of the guitar channels on the mixer) as my recording device in the DAW. When I want to record vocals I pan everything else hard right and the vocals hard left then select the left input, in this case Input 1, of the audio interface as my recording device.


As I said I usually listen through headphones plugged into the mixer but I do have the option to push everything through my studio monitors by pressing a button labelled 'Mon' on the front of the audio interface. I use this occasionally when working on something like a guitar solo but caution that it is very sensitive and can overpower the studio monitors and/or headphones in the mixer. I strongly caution anyone using this feature to turn down the volume on the Studio monitors and headphones all the way and very gently work their way up in volume. Once it hits the feedback point it is a very strong signal going to the monitors and headphones. One could easily damage their ears let alone their equipment.

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