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Helix LT 4 Cable Method to Capture Preamp


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Using the four cable method with my amp, as it captures the preamp can you then run the preamp to an IR and bypass the power section of the amp? Just wondering if this possible with the helix or would I need to get a device like a reactive load box?



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Why would you want to run a PREamp into a SIMULATED speaker without a power amp? How would you then AMPLIFY that into a REAL WORLD speaker so you could hear it?


Or would you be doing this to send to a DAW for recording, which still leaves the question of WHY would you not want at least a simulated power amp in the signal chain?


The purpose of a reactive load box is to allow you to capture a REAL WORLD power amp into a line level signal for recording and/or attenuate the REAL WORLD power amp for low level playing.


Color me VERY confused...

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