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How Do I use Snapshots in Helix Native


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From the manual, pg 37

1. Within the Signal Flow window, select the block which includes the parameter you wish to control via snapshots.
For this example, we’ll choose the Litigator Amp+Cab block to control its Drive parameter.
2. In the Edit tab, right-click on the Amp’s Drive parameter and choose the Snapshots option.
Assigning the Drive parameter to the Snapshots controller
3. You’ll see a little camera icon (at the left), and the parameter’s value (at the right) appear in white with brackets to indicate the snapshots controller assignment.

4. Now you can simply load any snapshot and set this Drive slider to the desired value. The value is independently stored and recalled with each snapshot.
Each preset can have up to 64 controller assignments, including parameters con- trolled by snapshots. Remember to save your tone if you want your assignments to be permanently stored with the preset!
5. All existing snapshots assignments appear within the Automation/Controller Assign tab’s Assignment List.
If desired, you can right-click on the assignment here and choose Clear Assignment to remove it.
Once a snapshots assignment is created, any changes to the assigned parame- ter’s value are instantly stored with the current snapshot. These stored values are recalled when jumping from snapshot to snapshot, and appear as you last left them per snapshot.




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