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How Do I Transfer Tones From A Bass Pod Xt Live To A Pod X3 Live?

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Hi all


So I am now the proud owner of both products as well as other Line6 gear, and I thought I would clean house a bit and use only the X3 Live. Transfer all my default Bass Pod XT amp+cab combinations to computer using Line6 Edit, and then sending them to my X3. Except no software supports both, as far as I can tell.


L6 Edit only supports the XT, whereas the X3 is supported by Workbench HD.


Anyone have any ideas?


Regards, Paul

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Thank you, Uber Guru. Lots of manual transferring later, AND only Tone 1 used, as using Tone 1 AND Tone 2 does not allow the selecting of different Variax bass models, and all is well.

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