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Octave change with Wah Pedal


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Hello there!

I am writing in hope to get some help from you guys regarding my lovely Helix Line 6. I have another git processor BOSS GT1 and it has a pedal effect ( called SPACY LEAD) that changes sound to a higher octave when you press the pedal. You can change the pitch of the sound only without regular "wah wah" effect . I can not find this effect when I go to "Wah" pedal  setting in Helix Menu I am afraid. Can you help?

Many thanks!!!. Matt 

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  • morfeush changed the title to Octave change with Wah Pedal

There may be a few ways to do that.  One would be (if you don't want the wah) is to use the octiver or something like that and assign it to stomp button or you could assign it to the foot pedal.  You could also assign the wah to the same footpedal so the footpedal is controlling both.


The other way (now that I think about it) will not change the octive... but you could change the frequencies to be a narrow range.  I know this is not what you are talking about but it might help someone else.


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  • 1 month later...

I don't own the Helix. 

But I see no reason it cannot be done, as it can be done with the HD500. 


Again, I don't own the Helix -

But you would simply assign a pitchshift to the exp pedal. 

Whether you assign the on/off or the pitch up/down... that's up to you. 

I can't imagine a basic issue like that would be lost on the newer stuff. 

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