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Relay G30/G50 transmitters cannot handle output from EMG 707 or Duncan Blackouts


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Some pickups I have tried clip the Relay units, with the G50 receiver's "audio" LED going red and noticeable, audible distortion.


EMG and Duncan recommend running their actives as close to the string as possible, so I'm not sure lowering the pickup height is the answer.


Is there a trim mod, or hidden trim feature in the Relays?


Can I put a resistor pad of some sort in the cable between the guitar output and the transmitter?


What about a resistor circuit inside the guitar?


No, trying to turn the volume pot exactly to the right place each time is not really an option for me.

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This is weird, as those G50 are working with in/out parity (so there is no gain in the middle), with transmitters capable to receive a 6V peak from the incoming signal. I don't know the specs of the 707, but I doubt they are pushing over that.


Have you tried with no cable management simulation, and using different channels?

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On 8/28/2022 at 10:36 PM, pipelineaudio1 said:

I've tried everything I can think of and two different transmitters on the g50 and it goes red with the louder pickups. I figure Its overloading the A/D on the transmitter side (I assume the relay is digital?)


Yes it is digital. I see the EMG 707 has a strum output peak voltage around 4.5V, which is very hot.


The Duncan Blackouts should sits around 3V, but still very hot for any wireless system without a sensivity control.



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