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Replace JTV-69 tremolo bridge with Standard tremolo bridge?

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Just wondering if this is even possible. Both guitars use tremolo bridges. PCBs and blocks look different for both bridges. But the connection at the end of the cable for both bridges looks similar. I know there are other factors when swapping bridges on any guitar, not just Variax, as well.

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The way the neck sits in the neck pocket of the 69, and how the bridge orients to it, verses the

on-the-deck mounting of the Standard bridge, the slight difference in strings spread, make it a bad idea. 


The two mounting cavities would leave you with a problem of clearance for good tremolo use. The way

the cable mounts from bridge to main board would complicate that even more.


Unless you have a lot of experience working on these two guitar, it would be ill advise. Also,... mods like that

would be an unsupported modification. So if this ended up on my bench, chances are I would have to return it untouched.


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