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  1. Just wondering if this is even possible. Both guitars use tremolo bridges. PCBs and blocks look different for both bridges. But the connection at the end of the cable for both bridges looks similar. I know there are other factors when swapping bridges on any guitar, not just Variax, as well.
  2. Just bought one of the limited edition emerald green Standards and it's reignited my interest in the Variax/Helix system. Have spent most of this afternoon getting caught up on Variax talk across all of the online forums I could find. Based on everything I've read, I don't think the Variax is dead. I do think a number of factors are in play right now: Everybody's still dealing with the impacts of the pandemic (supply chain problems, etc.) Line 6 is part of a worldwide brand (Yamaha) that probably moves slower than Line 6 did when the original Variax and JTVs were released Variax will likely always be a niche product There's a lot of great ideas out there about how to improve the product/expand its market. No telling what Line 6 may do in the future. For now, Variax, Helix, and all other types of gear are ultimately tools. Use them if they're right for you. If not, you can always try something else.
  3. Hope Line 6 makes more of these. Or (wishful thinking, I know) some other kinda green Variax. Would definitely buy one of the emerald greens on the aftermarket if I could find one.
  4. Is the Variax Standard bridge the same design as the JTV-69? Looking at photos, it appears that the Standard bridge loads strings thru the back of the guitar, similar to a "traditional" Strat-style trem block/bridge.
  5. I could be wrong but I don't think the black JTV69 (the one with the maple fretboard) was ever made in the HSS configuration. It was only produced as the 69S model.
  6. There are a couple threads in the archive about this. The best solution I saw anyone recommend (but I haven't yet tested myself) was to lift the bridge up before removing strings by just depressing the tremolo arm and then putting some kind of block underneath that keeps it raised until you've finished the string change. In theory, that'll keep the bridge from coming free of the pivot screws.
  7. Haven't watched the vid (but I will!) but I wholeheartedly concur. I like my JTV-69 much better with the Stew-Mac neck I put on it.
  8. You'll need some kinda interface between the Variax and the Mac. You can't interface the Variax directly to the Mac and record the guitar sounds, even with the Variax USB connection kit.
  9. No. The Variax interface is only for firmware updates and making custom presets thru Workbench. You can, however, connect the Variax to one of your other Line 6 devices and then use that device's USB connection to get your Variax sounds into the computer for recording purposes.
  10. I assume that this doesn't hold true when connecting a Variax to a Helix over VDI, as that's a different connection for the guitar?
  11. The modeling side of all JTV and Standard Variaxes is the same. The modeling system relies on internal piezo pickups, not the magnetic pickups. The Standard is the most recent model designed/produced by Line 6. But all JTV and Standard Variaxes run the same firmware, so the technology inside is the same. The original line of Variax guitars, the ones without magnetic pickups, can't run the latest firmware. From that technical perspective, those guitars could be considered "out of date." But all modern Variax guitars (including the Standard and 69s) are identical on the inside.
  12. Connect the Variax to a computer with the Variax USB interface and load up Workbench. There are individual string volume settings there that may need to be adjusted. Make sure you have a decent charge on the Variax battery and plug a 1/4" cable into the Variax or the connection won't work.
  13. When I swapped my stock JTV69 neck for a Stew-Mac neck, I had to drill all new holes for the neck bolts. Good to know the Warmoth neck requires a little less work.
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