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Audio from Windows 11 PC to POD Go


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Hi everyone,


Previously, I have used my POD Go in combination with my laptop (Windows 10) via USB. I was able to automatically get my Windows sound to play through my POD Go, and hear both desktop audio and my guitar via the headphones output. I could jam along with YouTube backing tracks playing from my PC without any issues.


Now, on my new PC (Windows 11), I do not seem to be able to get the audio from my PC to play through my POD Go using USB at all.


My POD Go is recognized by the POD Go edit software. I've installed the drivers both automatically with the Edit software, and later on individually as well in an attempt to solve the issue. The POD Go is fully up to date (Firmware 1.4).


I'm not sure if it's supposed to, but the POD Go doesn't show up in my output sound devices.


I am not using any DAW software and am only trying to use my POD Go in combination with desktop audio. I am aware of the aux in workaround, but would prefer using the already existing USB connection.


If you happen to know what is going wrong, or if I can provide any additional information to clarify the situation, please let me know!

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I had the same issue - my solution was to disable the Memory Integrity security setting.  The incompatible driver listed is l6PodGo_AvsFilter.sys.


I hope that Line6 will recognize this as a real issue and develop a fix.  We should not have to compromise the security of our systems in order to run Line6 software.

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