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Line Level Output from Headphone Out to Home Stereo


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Hey all, new to Pod Go. I've been searching and searching both these forums and Google. Can't believe I'm having zero luck. Maybe it is not a typical use case....though the Pod Go seems to have lots of ways to connect so I can't believe I'm the first person trying to do this.


Some background. I've watched tons of videos on 2-cable and 4-cable, connecting Pod Go directly to amp and to effects loop. All good there. I've upgraded to latest firmware.


My problem (or desire) is that I can't seem to get a reasonable Line Level out of the headphones. I was hoping to use the Pod Go in two different ways:


1 - Guitar >> Pod Go >> Orange Head/Amp/Cabinet in my basement music room.....I'm all good with this set up and loving Pod Go so far.


2 - Take Pod Go up to my home office where I have my computer and multiple HiFi Audio gear not guitar amp stuff (Streamer/Roon, AVR, Home Theater gear, Lyngdorf TIIL - 1120, etc.)  and use the headphone out with a 1/4" jack to dual RCA male cable >> Analog input stereo gear's amp (not guitar amp) >> home speakers.


If I turn the volume in guitar up to 10, the volume knob on Pod Go way up AND play with the output on the end of effects chain AND turn the volume of my home stereo up to insane levels I get the guitar at low to moderate levels through my stereo system. What am I doing wrong or can I not use the Pod Go as a "music source" to home stereo gear?


I've seen Line Out to Active/powered speakers. Seems like I should be able to find a way to more or less do the same thing with standard speakers and an external audio (not guitar) amp.



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I can't seem to get a reasonable Line Level out of the headphones.


Weird...  How does it sound with headphones connected to the Go?


There's a couple of places where you can increase volume;   the amp has 2 volume settings, cabs  you can get a +6dB, pedal blocks, there's the output block.  There's also a global EQ where you can add gain... (or could potentially have reduced your signal)


I'm using my Go in hte exact same way;  headphone out -> adapter -> mini to RCA -> amp, and the Go's output level is more than sufficient!  Same issue on all patches? 


Have you tried plugging a cell phone or other device in your stereo to see if the volume level you then get is the same or better?

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