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Does the Pod GO attenuate the signal going to the headphones? I still feel like the result is still too quiet.


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Has anyone else experienced this, or am I just overlooking something? 


I built a preset last week, over a few days, using a twin reverb and even with the main volume on the POD GO more than half way, and the master volume on the amp dimed almost all the way, it's not inaudible, but also not uncomfortable either (which, again, is odd for the master volume on the amp all the way up, and the master volume on the POD GO around 2 o'clock on the dial. 


As I type this, I realized that maybe while I was playing around I adjusted the export/output volume on the preset and forgot about it? But before I go check, and because I typed out this much, has anyone else experienced this? My headphones are fine. They work as expected everywhere else. 


On one hand, if that's on purpose, I am glad they care about our ears. On the other hand, I'm concerned this will carry over to a live situation, and my band members asking me to turn up more. If no one else experiences this, I'll just keep digging through the menu to see where I screwed up haha 

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Ah, yes. Guess so. Well, this makes me feel better! Unless we're both missing something glaringly obvious. 


Side note, I don't want to muddy the waters and say that it might be the firmware but I don't remember this happening before....recently. 


But who knows. Anyway, thanks for commenting! And making me feel like I am not (potentially) losing my mind! 

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My headphones are really loud, so it could be your headphones - what make, model and impedance are they? 


To get the best from Pod Go and other MFX you need studio monitoring headphones.  Two of the best & most popular at a sensible & similar price are the Audio-Technica ATH M50x (38 Ohm) and the Beyerdynamic dt 770 pro headphones that come in 32, 80 and 250 Ohm flavours. The 32 Ohm is fine, 80 Ohm is the most popular with MFX like Pod Go, and are very similar to the 38 Ohm ATH M50x.  The 250 Ohm are not recommended as these are too quiet.  So if your headphones are straight hi-fi headphones for music/mp3 listening (i.e. not studio monitoring quality) and/or your impedance is too high, that could be your problem. 


Re studio-monitoring, it's not exactly the same thing but think of these as akin to a FRFR speaker cab re frequency response. 

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On 11/7/2022 at 1:02 PM, daveaphotopod said:

If those are good specs


Sensitivity ~= how loud they play given a signal.   Higher = less loud.  So it's not whether it's good or bad, just how hard they are to drive.  You have $5000 headphones that are 80 ohms and $30 headphones which are the same, doesn't mean much other than the higher the number, the harder to drive and the more likely you're to require an headphone amplifier to drive them properly (loud).


Did the test and reported the results in a previous thread, basically, you should be able to go deaf with the Go + V6.  I had acceptable volume with 600 ohm headphones, but it was not loud; like almost bare minimum.


Note that the Go is a bit ...... lame when it comes to volume, some patches are loud, other are not, so you might have to fiddle with amp & cab & effects volume to get 'normal' volume.  And don't be afraid to go 100% volume on Go.  It's not worse than 50% volume, hell, Line 6 should have the foresight to make the volume go to 11.  11 is always better than 10 or 100%...

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