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How to Have Effect Only Work When Pressed


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I downloaded a patch that has the Megaphone Distortion on it, however the effect only works while being pressed down. When switch is released the effect turns off. I did not know this was an option! I've done some digging and can't seem to find the answer for how to configure this. Any ideas?

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A word of caution with the momentary switching, there are bugs that keep coming back.  Essentially the button can get inverted.  It came back in the last firmware update 3.50: "Helix Floor/Rack only—While in 10 Stomp footswitch mode, the momentary state of FS1 or FS7 can sometimes become reversed ".


I have had this happen when I wore socks, the buttons were getting flipped on 2.8. 


The expression pedal would also very rarely get flipped.  If you do this one simple step, this will not happen. 


How to not have it get flipped:

1. remove snapshot bypass assignment from the effect(s)

2. assign a control, such as an expression pedal, or a button in pedalboard mode. 


Additionally in 3.15 they introduced a new way to control the effects with the expression pedal, there is a new "behavior" setting "Heel Down" or "Toe Down".  I personally experienced a bug where HX Edit on a Mac: you make changes on one preset, and other presets get affected.  There was no word of this getting fixed, so at least, check all your presets are working correctly, as you should whenever you experiment with stuff... It's a good practice to always run through your entire set of presets before an important show, etc. 


So there you go some info for ya.  I personally use snapshots exclusively.  I also have my pedalboard view mirror my snapshots... for all the effects that I want to momentarily engage, I use the expression pedal -- it's a lot easier to do.  For example I have a song where I have clean sound, and play fills with distortion.  I engage the distortion sound with the expression pedal > 5%. 

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