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DL4 MKII useful when HX Stomp XL arrives?

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I have the DL4 MKII, and its stellar performance convinced me to order an HX Stomp XL. My question is how much of the DL4's function will the HX. Stomp XL replace? Should I hang on to the DL4, or would I be safe selling it to offset the expense of the Stomp? 


I'm reading through owner's manuals trying to find the answer, but the wisdom of the Line6 Hive Mind is something I'd value.



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It could still be useful to offload some processing from the HX Stomp, allowing you to maximize your total DSP. You could use your DL4 for the delay FX and use the Stomp for all non-delay processing.


My advice would be to keep the DL4 until after you’ve gained some experience with the Stomp. Then you can make the right decision for yourself.

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