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getting LT to show eight presets to select


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Hi All. I want to get my Helix LT (3.50.0) display (eight spots total - four in top row, four in bottom) to work like the following:


  1. during a song: top four: snaps, bottom four: stomps
  2. changing presets: (press UP or DOWN button): all eight: preset choices


Fiddling with global settings and the MODE switch, I've been able to get #1 working, but UP/DOWN causes only the top 4 to show preset choices, leaving the bottom four showing stomps. It's probably something simple, but I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks! (Note: I'm still dealing with this bug, but I'm don't know if it's related to this post or not.)

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What you're describing (8 presets visible) works on Helix Floor. When set to 8 stomp switches, in Stomp mode when you hit Bank<> you get 8 presets.

In Preset Mode the Bank<> display only 4 presets.

Since the LT doesn't have the 10 stomp setting, AFAICT (I have Floor, not LT) you're stuck with 4 presets, accessible via the Bank<> switches in Preset mode, top or bottom depending on whether the Globals are set to Snap/Stomp or Stomp/Snap.

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