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Poly Capo + Acoustic Sim, Tuning E vs Eb difference help


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So I have an acoustic sound I love using a gain block, acoustic sim and compressor block.  However, when I applied these blocks after the Poly Capo to shift down 1 step (Eb tuning) it drastically changes and seems to lose what makes it sound acoustic like.  It sorta sounds like it loses all the high end response the acoustic sim adds, however I couldnt seem to make the right adjustments to get the sound back.  


My chain has the Poly Capo > then my above acoustic 'chain'.  Is there something that I'm maybe not trying to get that feel back?  


I know there is the pitch change (duh), but there is clearly a frequency response difference there.  I'm working on a kitchen sink preset using the SLO Clean/OD/Lead amp blocks, but we have a few songs that use an acoustic sound in places.  I would prefer to not just use a clean sound as it sounds ok, but seems to lose the dynamics of the strumming a bit.  


Appreciate any ideas.  I only sat with it initially and adjusted the Poly/Acoustic/Comp settings and couldnt seem to get it right.  I think I may have DSP left to insert an EQ block, if that solves it between the the Poly/Gain blocks...  I have the tone on the Poly block around 7.5-8 so I dont have a ton of room to raise that much more.  

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I believe I did move a few things around, and it didnt seem to help much.  I did not get a chance to play with it more last night, but am hoping I will tonight.  I had a practice for another group pop up for this Thursday and needed to run over that material instead.  

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