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Metallurgy collection won’t Authorise after trail period ended


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Hi All, 

This question is about the Metallurgy Collection, I had the trial, it has ended. I got the Metallurgy collection as part of the "Total Guitar Recording Bundle"., the bundle is an “offer” not a purchase so no license is supplied.

I have completely uninstalled the program, reinstalled but I am still getting "your trial has expired" when ever I go to authorise the program.

I have raised a support ticket but I am not having much luck.

They suggested trying to install with WiFi off , that didn't work.

Im on a MAC ,I have uninstalled the files from the Avid folder, the plugin folder and of course the apps

I have de-authorised all my devices M1 Mac and M2 MacBook .

Any help would me appreciated.


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Hi, just tried again while logged in to my account , same results .

Its weird could install Helix Native no problems on either Desktop or laptop, but metallurgy won't install because of the trial being expired.

Im starting to think that the problem is at the account level, my Auth devices look strange see  , also my software profile still has the Trial metallurgy listed ( see attached screen shots

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 9.20.41 am.png

Screenshot 2023-02-05 at 9.21.26 am.png

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That bundle requires you to have purchased a Helix hardware device. Did you register that device and upload proof of purchase as required?


From the description of the bundle:


”To claim your free software, register your Helix or HX® hardware and upload your proof of purchase using the link below. Once approved, your licenses for Cubase LE 12, Helix Native, and the Metallurgy Collection will be deposited into your Line 6 account.”



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Hi yes  did buy a helix and registered it , I have the confirmation email saying the free software is ready for download, but as you can see from the screenshot both my FBV3 and helix have been removed.

I have started another support ticket that hopefully the account team can look into.

I really want to start using the plugin.


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