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editing presets


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trying to edit presets and there is no volume or control (either on factory or user presets) unless through reverb or delay pedals !!

basically switched on the unit and all my user presets have turned into a swathe of reverb or dely. when tried to edit it wont let me change any volumes without being controlled by reverb or delays (turn reverb off and there is no sound, either from user presets or factory presets)

I tried factory reset and still the same issue....anyone any ideas...cheers

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tricky to explain...been using the unit since last august , both live and studio with couple of glitches but nothing serious, and yesterday when editing a preset, (and subsequently all of my user made presets, and factory presets were effected by this) only a reverb pedal, or delay pedal became the controller for volume. If I took these out of the chain, there was no volume at all. So all of my made user presets has to have either of these two (reverb, delay) on. I could take most the intensity practically of both and get a sort of sound. Exactly the same with factory presets. no sounds, or really limited especially if the preset has reverb already aligned within the preset. hope this helps

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Both Pod Go and PGEdit up to date?


Does the issue occur only when you edit the patches directly on Pod Go or just pod go edit?


If you plug in headphones do you have the same issue?


Lastly, "only a reverb pedal, or delay pedal became the controller for volume".   Is it a particular reverb and a particular delay that controls the volume?  What happens if you change them for a different reverb or delay?  What if you create a new patch?


Depending on your answers to the above, seems like a corrupted PGO, would contact Line6..  :\  

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