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HX Stomp and Stereo Solo Guitar....


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I play solo nylon and electric fingerstyle, and I sort of stumbled upon this and just wondering which way is better, a wider fuller image.


Godin nylon guitar into Bix preamp, then into HX Stomp, and stereo out from Stomp to Apollo Twin X.


The goal is to get some wide imaged solo guitar, since it is the only instrument, it should be a wide full image. I was able to get this with miking 2 mics on acoustics, dual mono and panning....That is not fun at all, setting up mics, not going to do it anymore. Electric guitars direct with modelers (Stomp), is the way to go, way faster and more controlled...


It sounds good, but I think the Stomp is just sending two tracks channels 1 and 2, panned L and R.


I think it's still mono, but it does sound pretty full...


Or I can use Helix Native plugin, skip the HX Stomp, but then the track is for sure mono. Then I can use a delay trick of 15 ms on a delay bus, and it does widen it...


For nylon the Stomp really is just a pass thru to utilize its L and R outs, there is no Amp block, and there should not be, it's very full sounding with the Grace Design Bix preamp...


For electric, the Stomp has a bunch of things, Amp block (Archon Clean) huge sound, and Cab or IR block, etc...


I have a Strymon Cloudbusrt for reverb for ambient stuff, but I now bypass that, and use the Big Sky plugin, so I am not committed on tracking...Thanks in advance, John K


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On 5/27/2023 at 4:52 PM, macguitarman said:

Which is better for stereo...  Using the HX Stomp or the Helix Native plugin. I think the HX Stomp coming out L and R...


You can do stereo with both. 

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This sounds like it's for recording and not live. You could plug your guitar directly into the Stomp, hook up via USB and use the Stomp as your audio interface. Each thing (Native or Stomp) should do stereo equally well using the same patch. Perhaps you have a mono effect in your patch. If it is after whatever stereo effect you want to use it will sum it to mono. If you don't have anything else to check you stereo outpupt, you could put a ping pong delay at the very end of your patch and make sure the repeats are hard panned left and right. This is just to confirm that the Stomp is in stereo. If you're using the same patch, the stereo image should be the same for Native and the Stomp so my guess is it could have something to do with how your signal is getting into the DAW. This is also assuming this is the only track in your DAW project. Would need more info to help more. Not that I'm an expert or anything.

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