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Using The Vocoder On My Hd-500


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I've not long had my HD500x and my JTV69.  

I'm trying to get the vocoder to work, without success.


I'm connecting the JTV with a Variax cable to the HD500x.  I've tried in an Audix i5 and an SM58 in the mic input. 

I've set the inputs as - Input 1  - Variax  and Input 2 - Mic


I can hear both the guitar and the mic coming through the amp model by doing this, with no vocoder effect - but only when I turn down the vocoder mix control .  I've tried downloading the 2 or so presets on Customtone that feature a vocoder, and I get no success with these - I have adjusted the input config on these presets.

There are  no instructions in the manual as to how to hook up the vocoder.  There is also precious little on the internet about this.  

I'd like to get it to work.

Can anyone help with a step by step guide?




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Try removing the Input2=MIC setting. I am going from memory here and from a different device, so this could be wrong but....


I recall using the Vocoder long ago with my Pod X3 Live. The association of the Mic to the Vocoder FX was automatic; no input assignment was required because the Vocoder is designed to use the mic input by default. I believe that by assigning Input2=MIC you are forcing the MIC input through the full signal chain, when all you want is to have the mic input used by the Vocoder FX. I think this may happen automatically.


EDIT: Here's an old post I dug up to illustrate. The implementation may have changed in the Pod HD vs. X3, but here's how it worked in the X3:

Re: How does the Vocoder work?

by silverhead on 2010-03-03 06:27:27


Use Guitar as your Input setting for the Tone. When you select and turn on the Vocoder as an effect for the Tone the X3 will automatically start to use the Mic Input as a trigger for the guitar. Your guitar will no longer sound (even thought it remains the selected input for the Tone) until the X3 detects a signal at the Mic input.

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Sounds like you have it configured correctly.  This may seem like a silly question but are you singing in the mic and playing the variax at the same time with the Vocoder enabled and still not getting any sound output?

That's right- if you don't play and sing at the same time it doesn't do anything!

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