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  1. I want to hear more about the HD Firmware update. What's included in the update and what all amps can you get in those packs? Alex
  2. Scathing response? That was a SCATHING response? Maybe you should just chill out a bit. His response didn't seem condescending to me. He was just sharing his thoughts on how to boost followed by a very interesting point about the difference between bedroom volume and stage volume. Alex
  3. Wow! It really does work! I never even thought about using it to tune the whole guitar down. I had only used Pitch Glide before as a way to mix an octave up in and wasn't really pleased with the results. But it really does work for tuning up or down a few steps clean or dirty with the Mix at 100% of course. I wouldn't hesitate to use it live. Alex
  4. There are so many possibilities as others have mentioned. I'll throw two more factors in to the mix - have you tried the different mic options? I like the Treadplate with the 57 Off Axis as opposed to the 87 default. I actually like the sound of the 87 for the guitar on its own, but for a band setting, the 57 will cut more. I think I use the default cab, but that is another factor to look into - trying the different cabs. In the deep editing parameters, you can cut the lowest frequencies out, which might help some of your issues. I cut everything below 100hz. Alex
  5. I tried to use the vocoder once. I had to turn everything up as loud as it would go and I could barely hear it, but still couldn't get a usable or satisfying sound. (The mic trim, effect level and amp gains and levels.)
  6. I'm a fairly new Line 6 user. Concerning Setlists and presets, why isn't there a mode where perhaps you can choose the "setlist" and then if you hit "bank up" it automatically goes the the next song in the list? When I first started using this, I expected it to work that way and I really don't see why that shouldn't be the default or at least an option. If you can organize and order the songs/patches ahead of time, who wouldn't put it in true setlist order to where you just cycle through the songs? This would be especially useful for the people using different patches for each song. (Even if I'm using the same patch, I make a separate preset so I can just keep cycling through and know where I am in the set. I don't use printed setlists). I see lots of issues people wish Line 6 would fix in the updates, but this one is number 1 for me! I have two different uses for my unit. 1 is a church worship service, usually 5 songs a Sunday. My other current use is a solo covers show. Mostly acoustic, but I do electric on several songs. I run both my acoustic and electric into the Pod. Both of these applications utilize just one patch per song. In my solo show, I use one base sound and rarely turn on or off any effects since I'm singing at the same time. In church, I use a clean amp and a Tube Screamer for leads or overdrive. HOWEVER, if I ever wanted to use this in a cover band (or original band), I would probably want to use dual amps. I really like the clean sound of the Dr. Z and the overdriven Rectifier. I would like to use a toggle switch to switch between amp sounds, but as the original poster mentioned, there is a short period of time between the switching of amps, even when on the same preset/patch. This really is too bad. I thought it was really cool to have the preset default to a Dr. Z with Tube Screamer, then be able to remove the TS for ultra clean or kick it into high gain with the Recto, but that absence of sound for those few milliseconds does not sound cool. Here's another user who's wondering if that can be eliminated. Alex
  7. I bought my 500x just a little over 3 weeks ago. I've used it for 3 Sundays now. I really like it! It's the first Line 6 thing I've ever bought. I didn't know that amp modeling had gotten really good. I like using the Dr. Z amp for most of the big, mid-tempo or slow worship songs with any effects it needs (delay, octo verb, Tube Screamer) and the JCM800 with Tube Screamer for the more rockin' ones. I never thought I'd use that for church, but it works for some of the songs. Guitar was the first instrument I learned, but drums has been my main instrument for 6 or 7 years now. Suddenly, I'm back on guitar and found the 500x which replaced my huge Vox AC50CP2 (I could never get a good sound out of that, mic'd or direct). Alex
  8. Echoing the above post, absolutely lower the master to 50 or below. I think I set it around 25, with the drive between 40 and 55 and put the Tube Screamer in front of it. Now it sounds good! I don't know if it will get that specific tone you're looking for, but it's definitely a usable tone! I've had this unit for about two weeks. It's my first Line 6 product and I'm loving it so far. I was disappointed in the 800 sound at first and preferred the Park, but now I think I can get good sounds out of both. (For me, usually turning down the master to 50 or below is one of the first things I do if the amp master volume happens to be cranked by default). Alex
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