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  1. Love the Panama Patch. Big EVH fan here (classic VH era) I would love to give that patch a spin! Good job man!
  2. I just want to say Thank You Dear Lord and Line 6! This is awesome! ***From a previous post earlier*** I was wrong! And I don't mind admitting I am wrong when Line 6 does such an amazing release like this! Thank you for hearing the people! Can't wait to hear the remastered JCM 800 and thanks for the addition of the Bass Pack. Are these new BASS amp modellers or model from the XT pro line?
  3. Saw the post on Captain Anderton's page. Anderton's is a great shop in the UK. He does a lot of cool videos along with Chapman. Not sure if we will see a new unit at NAMM maybe a DEMO but something must be in the works as I figured with a 4 year old series product. NAMM is a coming! Exciting times for all guitarists. Look forward to seeing what comes beyond POD HD. (whenever that happens)
  4. Hahaha. We will all wait and see! Talk is cheap, provided goods or software are what matters. If and when Line6 releases new software for the HD POD's I will be among the first to congratulate them. I use my HD 500 x fairly often. I like to see progress just as much as the next guy. And just a little reminder! I didn't start this thread! But it seems to have lit a fire under some people!
  5. If that is the case - then I will be absolutely happy. We will wait to see what happens at NAMM.
  6. Unfortunately No. Line6 has done little development under the HD series with regards to Bass amp Modelling. In a couple of the recent posts Line6 reps say they are working on something for bassists but that remains to be seen at the present moment. I am glad I bought a BASS POD Pro xt unit just before they discontinued them.
  7. And if I am wrong (and I have been wrong before) then that is wonderful for all the POD HD users. We will see what Line6/Yamaha have in store for us at NAMM.
  8. To the Line6 employees, Management (and anyone else who really cares) Last time I checked this was the POD HD forum. As much as you would like to shoot the stats of the Amplifi series and how successful it has been for the company, I don't think the average reader here gives a hoot about Amplifi as it is not Professional Grade Amp modelling. I believe I have read in other forums staffers and experts who claim that Amplifi is for the entry level - home jamming consumer. And this goes without saying that not everyone that owns a POD HD is a super guitarist or an engineer recording tracks day in and out. Having said that - I do like some of the UI newness of the Amplifi setups and would assume that type of technology is introduced with next generation POD technology. I can't remember the date when 2.0 version of POD was released but I am guessing it is well over a year ago maybe a year and a half ago. So for all the Line 6 experts and management people circling these forums, living in the digital age and the social media circus, you can not expect that when the company is MUM about it's product line with the exception of Amplifi mania that it has been in 2014 that the user base starts wondering what is up. We understand you have NDA issues to deal with, whatever! I think in many ways it's safe to say HD 500, 500x POD Pro X are EOL units - and yes we should enjoy them for what they are. But a little hint or tease as to what comes next without giving away trade secrets would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Sounds like Line6 is blowing them out... Is it possible we will see the next generation POD at NAMM? Less than 2 months and we will know!
  10. If we are being honest here.. the POD HD hardware is 3-4 years old and the EDIT software after version 2.0 should have been an indication that they will be moving on to newer devices and software in the coming year and years. My suggestion is enjoy POD HD and X versions for what they are and we will all have to wait for what comes next. (assuming Yamaha doesn't kill Line 6 pro stuff altogether)
  11. I have read through quite a few of the posts here. I too purchased the POD HD500x - which is a little over a year ago. I think it is safe to say that when Line6 introduced POD 2.0 software for the original POD HD units - that was as far as the development of POD HD software was going for the current units. So thinking from a business standpoint on a model series that's 4 plus years something new has to be around the corner for 2015. While there are things I do not like about the Amplifi series - the ideas on a touch phone or tablet are definitely where the next generation POD - if it is called POD must be heading. But outside of the technology aspect of the Amplifi series - it's all about tone quality and improvement of sound beyond the POD HD series and including more amp models than the POD HD series did. (I personally would like to see more mic models and pre-amp options in the next generation and a better way of getting excellent sound into generic amps like Marshall, Fender and Vox as I know that's been a big complaint.) So we wait and see. When Line6 was bought out by Yamaha I thought this can go one of two ways... either we get something big coming down the pipes for the modeller or it becomes value line and a value brand. It all depends on the money Yamaha is willing to throw at the development of the software and hardware systems for Line6. Time will tell.
  12. He was talking about the POD HD 2.0 software. And the answer was yes it's preloaded on the 500x.
  13. From my experience… Yes the JCM800 model sounds nothing like a real JCM 800… And previous post mentioned an 800 sounding like a 900… Having worked in a music shop for years the 800 and 900 were absolutely nothing alike. The 900 is probably one of the least desirable Marshall heads created… I played through an 1987x for years on tour… it was great, dark and muddy… But an 800 is classic rock n roll - i.e.: AC/DC and The Cult - Electric 87 era as a best example of that amp! Hopefully when Line6 releases POD HD version 2 or whatever they are going to come up with next for pro guitar players the 800 model will be resolved as it's a necessary go to amp for Rock n Roll. My best luck with the 800 model it is taking the gain down to like 18-20 using a Blackback 30 cab with either a 57 mic or U67 mic modeller.
  14. My experience with my 500x... if you run left and right outputs into any digital interface - essentially mono signals you get phasing. if you run left right xlrs out and create a stereo track in your daw of choice and track multiple guitars the phasing issue does not seem to be a problem. I ran into this finishing up tracking holes on a record i am working on.
  15. I recently purchased the POD HD 500x - upgraded from the HD 400. I love the unit all in all, but unfortunately I have to report the same thing with the ENTER/MOVE button - a terrible design. The switch is way too lose... a definite manufactures defect. Does LINE 6 have a fix in plan for these units? Or an update in the works. I could never go back to an original generation HD unit - the POD EDIT software for the 500 is by far superior to the 400. Anyone from Line 6 please feel free to respond to this post. I have also recently purchased the DT-50 - love your products but definitely disappointed with that switch on the HD 500x.
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