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Midi over usb problem


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I had an issue last night with helix recieving midi. 
We run Ableton and midi over usb. 

We have experienced this one time earlier during rehersals, but that was with another unit (hx stomp). And the problem was solved by simply restarting the stomp. 

Yesterday it was the helix that had problems receiving midi. Some changes did work. It changed snapshot sometimes. Sometimes not. And it did not change song (PC message). And restarting it didn’t work

Luckilly I had a backup on my helix floor, so I ran backstage and grabbed that. Plugged it in and finished the set.

Now the helix (guitar) and hx stomp (banjo/mandoline) is connected to a powered usb hub. The hub is then connected to a iconnectivity Playaudio12. 

Do you guys think it will it be more stable if we buy the midi expansion unit from iconnectivity? With din-connectors.

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