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Cleaning the Shuriken


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I reviewed the pilot's guide and wasn't able to come up with anything helpful in regards to cleaning the finish on the Shuriken. This is the first matte finish guitar that I've owned and while I'm enjoying all of the technology and the playability, I notice that there's constantly oil residue marks from my hand any time I make contact with it. I've been wiping with a micro fiber cloth after each time I play but I can't get the oil marks off. I don't want to use the Dunlop 65 I normally use on my guitars with clear coat and mess up the matte finish. Anyone have any advice?



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Correct, polish would be the wrong thing to use, it would smooth away the matte finish. Polish is more appropriate for clear coat lacquers.


Use blue "Scott Shop Towel", lightly dampened with a wide spray (so it's not too concentrated) burst of Formula 409 or Meguiar's Mist & Wipe Quik Detailer.


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