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Creating a Les Paul with unequal mix of both pickups

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Hello, I have a Variax JTV69 and I'm trying to re-create the sound I get from a Les Paul by using both pickups. I usually have the bridge volume on 10 but roll the volume down on the neck pickup to about 7 because I like that blend. Using Workbench I thought I make a guitar "patch" like that on the Variax by adjusting the Level in the "pickups" window but it doesn't seem to work that way. I turn both pickups on then select the neck position pickup and turn the level down and it does change the sound in someway but not the way it does on a real Les Paul. Even with the level down to -18db it still sounds like both pickups are on. What am I missing here? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks

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I would say you're not missing anything. That's just the way it is. The fact that it works at all is amazing to me. Here's some thioughts. One thing to try changing is the polarity. Change the polarity of one of the pickups so that they are out of pahse (or in phase if they are out of phase now.). Try changing the wiring setting, series or parallel. Even changing the tone pot can change the sound as well as changing the volume pot. Try changing the resistance values of both of those as well. If none of that does anything then I would suggest using a different pickup in the neck position or both positions for that matter. Someone actually used a different body for their Strat because that's what sounded closer to their Strat than the Line 6 Strat did. Don't give up yet. The humbuckers are the strongest pickups in the Variax as far as I can tell. Not sure if you will get what you're looking for but there are a few things to attempt before giving up. Unfortunately, the Variax doesn't seem to work exactly like the real world. Hope this helps in some way.

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