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Distorted Sound During Online Meetings - Need Help with Computer Audio Setup

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I've been facing a frustrating issue with my computer audio during online meetings, and I was hoping someone could help me out. Whenever I join a video call or try to play any sound on my computer, the audio comes out distorted and crackly. It's been really embarrassing, especially when I'm on important work calls.I've checked my speakers and headphones on other devices, and they work perfectly fine, so I'm pretty sure the problem is with my computer's audio setup. I'm not really a tech-savvy person, License Number's so I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. I've heard about things like updating drivers and adjusting audio settings, but I'm not sure how to do all that properly.Has anyone else experienced this issue before or have any ideas on how to navigate through these computer audio problems?

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Are you using a Line 6 audio interface to your computer? If so, which one? If not you may get some helpful general hints here but this is  specifically a Line 6 user support forum. You should also seek help in more general audio forums if you are not already doing so.


Also, please provide more info. What type of computer are you using -Windows or Mac? What version of operating system? How exactly are you connecting your speakers and headphones?

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