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Helix Floor - Expression Pedal Position Issue


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I am at a loss and looking for some insight.  Surely someone has seen this issue before.  I use the expression pedal on my Helix Floor solely as a volume pedal in all my patches.  For a few months now, it has developed stability issues where sometimes it will not reach 100%.  Sometimes it will even will come off 0% when not being touched.  I have had to resort to running an external VP.  Line 6 support was 0 help.  Told me to send it in for a repair quote.  


What I have done so far.  Power cycling usually takes care of the issue but not always.   I updated to 3.6.  I did a factory reset and then re-installed 3.6.  The problem just persists.  Anyone seen this issue or have ideas on how to resolve?  

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I had same issue with my LT initially.   Toe down would only reach anywhere from 88-100%, but it would never be consistent so adjusting my 'toe down-off' % could not be set right.  And there is nothing more embarrasing then having a whammy that auto engages at 95%, not turn off and be 6% in its pitch shifting travel and you can't turn it off mid song.   


Ultimately I was in warranty and had to send it in.  the replacement unit they sent back was great for about a month and then had similar issues.  I upgraded to the full Helix at that time, and have not had a problem.  



Troubleshooting option.....try blowing some compressed air into the optical sensor bay to clear any hair/dirt/debris that might be causing the sensor to read funny.  That cleared it up a few times for me, but ultimately still had issues.  

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