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JVT-69S Setup

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Good morning, 


     I just purchased a JTV-69S and am wondering about the set up. When I got it, things were pretty out of adjustment. I adjusted the truss rod, also the saddles for intonation. I did have a question about the bridge though. The back side of the bridge touches the body and that seems to be normal to me. However, when I first got the guitar, the bridge was pretty far off the body. I didn't measure it, but it must have been a 1/4 of an inch. When I look at pictures of other 69s on Reverb, I see that some are flat on the body and others have the bridge raised in the back. So, my question is, what way is the right way? Thanks in advance. 



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For a JTV-69S, the bridge should be level and somewhat off the guitar body, say 2-3 mm. You can use the bridge height off the body to somewhat compensate for neck angle issues, but a shim in the neck pocket could be a better option. You can also use bridge  height to normalize the bridge saddles off the bridge plate when setting to correspond to the neck radius, say if the bridge saddle screws are too low or too high. 


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