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How to setup lead guitar over clean looper


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I got the Pod Go Wireless and I like the sound very much so far. But until now I haven't succeed setting up the following scenario:


- Play some chords with clean sound and let it play in a loop

- Play "crunchy" lead sound over the clean sound from the looper


This is what I tried:


I used one preset with clean sound and added a looper at the end of the chain. It works quite well within this preset.

I created another preset with a crunchy sound and added the looper to that preset as well. Obviously the clean sound from the looper is changed when it goes through the crunchy amp in that preset. When I put the looper to the end, it is barely audible.

Is my scenario possible at all?


Thanks for advice.




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You do want the looper at the end of the chain in both presets. Make sure you are using the same type of looper block in both presets. Also make sure the Playback setting of the looper is high.

Perhaps your crunchy preset is simply much louder than your clean preset which might result in the clean sound being overpowered (made almost inaudible) by the crunchy sound. To test this, switch back and forth between the two presets without activating the looper. Are the output volumes similar or do you have to turn up/down the volume of the preset each time you switch? If the latter, balance the preset output volumes first then try looping again.

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Now it is almost working as expected. I put the same looper at the end of the chain in both presets. After that the playback is audible in the same tone on both presets.

However, the sound from the looper becomes more quiet when I switch from preset 1 to preset 2.

I did not change any setting of the looper.

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