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First gig with no amp - just Pod Go


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Well it finally happened.  I bought my Pod Go 2.5 yrs ago and did my first live gig with it last week.


American Strat - Joyo TS clone - Pod Go - Direct box split to FOH and to Headrush FRFR 108 pointed right at me.


Amazing experience all around.

I got several compliments on my tone.

Used stacking of several OD to go from edge of breakup to full blown lead sounds.

Cut thru loud and clear.

Used only 2 patches - one based on Fender Bassman with occasional use of Klon OD

the other on a JCM 800 with a Teemah for leads.

Both with Glitz 'verb and occasional Simple Delay

Made sure to use hi cuts around 5k in cab blocks and I set my sounds using FRFR at around 2/3 of stage volume, at home.


I am never using an amp again.


Edit: Forgot to mention this was also my first gig after having added a treble bleed circuit to the Strat.  Great control of my volume and tone, on board, without tone suck when backing off on guitar volume.  I highly recommend this.





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@trainguyditto, last Saturday - had my PG since June 2020 and gigged it for the first time.  Had to travel by undergroud so weight was a big factor as was quick set-up & pack away as we were only on for 30 mins (one of 4 bands on the night).  Playing through an unknown backline so set up 3 patches as effects only with no amp or cab model, display set to 6-button stomp mode with a clean volume & gain boost on each patch, and scrolling up/down via external momentary switches.  Worked beautifully, gig went really well with loads of compliments on my playing which was nice.  

But I haven't gigged with amps for years. My set up is normally a vox Tonelab LE or SE straight through FOH and/or through 1 or 2 Headrush FRFR108's.   At my age & with a bad back I simply can't schlepp big heavy amps around any more and the Headrush's give me a consistent sound every gig.  Both Headrush's together are 38lbs which is lighter than my gigging amps that vary between 43lbs and 58 lbs on their own.  and I'd still have to take a pedal board or floor controller and maybe even an extn cab, and then its all the connections & cables to set it up, pack it away.  I'm just too old & I want things easy now.  

I might even try my next gig with the Pod Go but my biggest bug bear with it is the power supply that is completely un-gigworthy although I do have a spare that's actually better than the Line 6 PSU, although both are horrid 'wallwort' types,so we'll see.   

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@voxman55, our patches and set-up sound remarkably similar.  Ext foot switch for patch changes, and 6 button stomp mode. Its neat to see the soundman’s face light up when I told him I was going direct.  Was not sure what Pod Go was (or Helix) but when I confirmed it’s like a Neural DSP, it was all good.  Apparently, 8 of his last 10 bands were using DSP…



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