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HX Effects wet dry wet follow-up question


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Hi All,  I posted a question a while back with the idea of building a pedalboard using the HXFX as the brain.  It's similar (if not a clone) of a couple other threads here.  I think I've got the physical bits figured out but am having trouble with what the Signal Flow would look like.  Attached is a graphic that shows the pedals involved and a description of the cabling.  The guitar goes in the 'IN'.  Loop One goes to a couple gain and/or boost pedals and back in the return.  Some HXFX effects will be added there in differing iterations.


Loop 2 is where I'm getting confused.  Send 2 goes to the dry amp.  The speaker cable has a line-out/phase/ground lift/volume pot creating a line-level signal going back into the Return 2 adding most modulation, delay and/or reverb.  That is sent to a wet stereo power amp and a pair of speakers.


It's a lot to ask but if anyone has ideas on how to map this out, you'll be my hero!  Thanks, Skip






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Sorry, I get dyslexic with this stuff.  I want the guitar in (after a treble booster that doesn't play nice with buffers).  The first loop is the dirt pedals or I might use the ones in the HXFX.  That goes out to the dry amp through the #2 Send.  Then I want to tap the speaker cable from the amp to the cab with a line-out box and run that back to the #2 Return where it will get the ambient FX for the wet stereo amp fed through the Left and Right outputs. 


So yes, the issue is where (and how) to create the second loop and identify what goes to the dry amp and what goes to the wet.  I could just put the effects in the first loop in front of the HXFX input but lose options when to include them in the mix. 


Some of the preliminary stuff I got from this thread:


Thanks for looking, Skip




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Everything you want running into the amp should be ahead of the Loop2 block.  That includes the Loop1 block.  

Things into the dry amp should include wah, compression, overdrive, etc. ie: things you normally run into the front of an amp.

Things into the wet stereo amp should include chorus, delay, reverb, etc. ie: things you normally run in an amp's loop, time based effects.


Your wet effects should go after the Loop2 block on your HXFX signal path.  Everything else should go before.

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The stereo amp has been replaced.  I'm still stuck.  Attached is a screen shot of the patch I've been trying to create.  All I get is hum through both the dry.  The Main L/R goes to the stereo amp and the send 1/2 (send 1) goes to the dry amp.


The inset below-right is from a YouTube vid on using a Helix to do wet/dry/wet.  I can't for the life of me figure how to anything with the outputs (the arrow in a circle) and/or create the path below that starts with a circled 'X'.  Any idea would be appreciated.  Thanks, sh



11-21 w d w attempt.png

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