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How To Unmute Receiver On Vd75!? Help!

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I have a wireless hd v75 handheld mic with receiver. I can't get audio out of it for the life of me. Both set on the same channels, plenty of battery, Mute on transmitter is OFF, both have encryption off and name off. Have unplugged and powered on/off a few times. As you can see in the picture it's showing that it's receiving signal but the mute button stays red like that. Can someone please help me as to what is going on here? The last time I used the mic there was some distortion feedback coming through my system so I'm wondering if it is a dropout. If so what do I have to do reset it somehow? 

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A slight clarification - the mute LED on the receiver indicates that the transmitter is muted (or at least that the receiver believes that the transmitter is muted.)

The receiver itself has no mute function so there's no way of unmuting it.


All I can think of is to triple check that the transmitter isn't locked (which would prevent its mute button from working) and also to check firmware versions. I don't know if there's any compatibility issues between different versions (there shouldn't be!) but it's good housekeeping to keep them both current. Try switching between RF1 and RF2 modes as well if you can - no reason why that should affect this but you never know.


One final thought - it's conceivable that if there's huge amount of RF interference present, the receiver may give up trying to operate and stay silent (clutching at straws here) - do the RF lights show any signal with the transmitter switched off? Also try a different channel.

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Tried everything I can think of - transmitter not on mute (works well with other receivers) tried all channels. Mic is within 1 foot of receiver. As soon as mic switched on, Rx shows good RF (5 leds), good battery (new batteries and 5 leds), Audio moved when mic used, MUTE led lit - no Tx output. Rx firmware is the latest (2.04). Exactly the same results with TBP12 and TBP 6 transmitters. Mic works perfectly into RSX-06 receivers. Basically, the XD-V75 is an expensive paper-weight. I'm starting to lose trust in Line 6 products

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I should add that I have 2 of these XD-V75 receivers both with exactly the same symptoms. I also have a Variax 600 which is no longer supported and a Floor POD XT with a duff display which apparently cannot be repaired. Doesn't say a lot for Line 6, does it?

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