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Use Hd 400 With Separate Stompbox

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What are yhe possible settings HD400 combined with separate stompboxes.


Is that the best by using the FX send return, and how should that work ?



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Hey egulickx,


   If your using FX such as gain or a wah wah; going into those before the 400 would work great. Just keep in mind, your adding to your PRE signal flow.


The FX loop works just how your general FX loop in the back of an amp works.


Whats great about having the FX loop on board of the 400 is that it gives you the ability to turn on or off what ever is running in your FX loop.


For example, if I plugged a delay and a phase 90 into my FX loop, I would keep both pedals on, but since my FX loop is off, those FX wont be going through the signal chain until I engage the FX loop. Its a great way to incorporate a stomp box that you can't live without.


Using the FX loop, Go OUT of the pod IN to the input of your stomp box, then out of the stompbox output, then IN into the pods FX return.

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