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Power On And Off Jtv-69

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I just bought JTV 69 and I have a very silly question.

I am struggling on powering on and off my guitar.

I press on model selector knob and accidentally with luck sometimes it powers on also same thing happens on trying to power off.


What is the procedure to power on or power off the guitar .I just want to understand if I have a faulty unit?


Thanks in advance



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To "power on" the guitar, you need to turn the volumn up and have a 1/4in jack inserted.   If pressing the selector knob doesn't light up with one click, it may be an issue with the button sliding down the shaft of the switch.  This is a known problem.  Pull the knob off depress the switch without it.  You should be able to switch into modelling mode with a single click (the light will come on).


All you have to do to fix it is stuff some paper up in the knob.  This will hold it up high enough to work properly.

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Sounds like a sticky knob, take it to your local Line 6 authorized service center that

is well versed in JTV's. Still under warranty?


-There's a internal knob fix for that should a sticky knob occur, it's not always needed,

or it would be part of the knob already. Too many people try to improvise it themselves

and end up making things worse. That would be a service center job, they would be able

to get the correct part for that.


-Check the Volume and Tone controls, are they loose? If so, that would also be a

service center job to re-align the controls for easy knob excursions, then tighten any

retainer nuts.


It's a fine adjustment sort of thing. The service center would also be able to double check the set-up for you.

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Thanks a lot. I think the problem is from knot I will try to fix it with with paper method :) . I bought the guitar in Turkey istanbul and I realized that its made in October 2011. Does the early models have this kind of issues also with the neck 

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If it's a knob problem, taking it to an authorized service center is the best bet,

paper only works for a while. There is a specially cut spacer made specifically

for this.


It fits better and is more reliable than paper,... I see the paper one all too often,

it's unreliable.

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