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Effects Loop Volume Question


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Hi I have a DT25 with a Flasback Delay in the effects loop. I was just using the looper on the delay pedal and went to adjust the volume coming out of the amp with the master volume on the amp. The master volume had no effect at all. I turned it right down and right up and the volume coming from the amp stayed the same. I then tried plugging the guitar straight into the delay pedal and the master volume still had no effect. The channel volume also had no effect on the output either.


Is this correct? I'm probably missing something here but I would have thought that the signal from the effects loop would go into the power amp and the volume of that would be adjusted by the master volume.


The Low Volume switch makes no difference. The volume of the amp is fine and I have just carried out a reset. I have tried plugging the guitar straight into the effect return and get the same thing the master volume has no effect on the volume.


I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation, but I'm a bit mystified!

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The master attenuates the signal before the effects send. If you monitor the level in the fx loop you can see this take place. The fx return goes straight into the power amp and is always amplified to the max. The master volume isn't really a master volume as I'd think of it. The power amp is always amplifying by the same amount (maximum), the master just reduces the signal received by the power amp. Class a might behave differently, I don't use it much so don't know

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