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Three More From The Vault

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I really wish Line 6 would bring back the blog. They used to have some great articles and really provided info we could use. Sure there was some fluff in there too but WTF? Why did it stop?


Anyways, here are a couple more useful series they started.  Doesn't look like the Guide to Home Recording quite finished but How to Record a Song and the Guide to Making YouTube Videos are complete.



Guide to Home Recording - https://www.cx.com/0/io/hotlink/aoorcMpJEeOWfSICCluF4w/Guide%20to%20Home%20Recording.pdf


How to Record a Song - https://www.cx.com/0/io/hotlink/gSTp1MpJEeONmiICCiuDbg/How%20to%20Record%20a%20Song.pdf


Guide to Making YouTube Videos - https://www.cx.com/0/io/hotlink/mWQv2spJEeOWfSICCluF4w/Making%20Music%20Videos%20For%20YouTube.pdf


Sure wish they would start this back up!  So many more topics yet to be covered...

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