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To Sub Or Not To Sub Redux - Reporting In-l3s Use

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I had planned to report in on my initial use of the system, including the 3Ls that this group virtually DEMANDED that I get ( :)) in a previous but now hidden thread ("To Sub or not to sub, that is the question"), but I don't think Line6tony (with whom I've been in contact) has had any luck finding it - so.. thought I'd start a new thread.


In short - it was flawless! The M20d worked as it should have, and it really is quite intuitive. The L3s was not an issue at all - it made the sound really full. I had FBS enabled and it did what it needed to do in the admittedly odd space - (an open-air courtyard, concrete/tile floor, brick wall on one side, brick/stucco/glass on the other, open in back, tile behind us). Played with a keyboard, drums, bass guitar, me on acoustic guitar, 5 singers... even hooked up a Mackie 15" Thump for a monitor... absolutely everything did what it was supposed to do.


I was even able to record the whole Easter Sunrise service and it worked without a hitch (Sandisk Extreme 32g class 10 SD card).


Happy camper! And thanks to all who encouraged me!



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Thanks, All - I thinks it's important to close the loop on questions or issues brought up in such forums - I know I always enjoy hearing back from people on how things went...


So - again, I'm totally enthused and pleased with how things went, and had zero issues. In fact, the M20d alerted me to a problem. I had hooked up a single monitor speaker and wasn't getting anything out of it. Odd - I was sure I was doing it right (not my first rodeo, so to speak). All the programming was right, the levels were set right - had a bad mic cable (it's usually the cables, isn't it?) going to the Mackie Thump and so nothing for the monitor was showing on the screen. Swapped the cable, and voila! There was the icon for the monitor and those really cool lines connecting the various instruments to the monitor to show adjustments...


I am truly impressed with this gear. Someone who knew what they were doing and who was a musician/sound person obviously had fun designing this! I DO know a bit about sound (enough to be dangerous!), but at 5 am with almost no sleep setting things up for cranky musicians and singers, an intuitive mixer is literally a God-send!  Thanks again to all who were a part of this!



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