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Dt25 Replacement Fuse, Need Correct Link Please!


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Hi guys,


My DT25 stopped outputting sound recently. I thought it was something different because it happened immediately after updating the firmware to 2.00. After downgrading and checking wires/connections I tried the direct out into my toneport and it worked fine. Upon further inspection I found the tube protection fuse is fried. I understand this usually happens when a tube goes bad but I took the back panel off and there is no sign of tube being blown out or damaged. No discoloration or anything like that. I figured I would order a few fuses and if it blows again I will replace the tubes.


Problem is I cant find the exact fuse I need. There were 2 forum posts here with the right fuses but going back they are all crossed out and saying they are in fact not the correct fuse. To my understanding I need a .375 Amp / 375 Milliamp 250v Slo Blo fuse. Can someone please send me a link or two where I could purchase these just so I don't need to wonder if i'm in fact buying the correct fuse. Any help/comment is appreciated.



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Anyone, please!


I am really hurting not having my DT up and running. Obviously people here have ordered replacement fuses. Just need a link to the correct tube protection fuse.


Please and thank you!

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I know this is awhile later but just trying once more. Just playing with the HD500 direct to some monitors has sounded great and delayed me attempting to replace the fuse.


Finally think I'm going to call Line 6. I am located in the US if that helps find the correct fuse. I am reading about people replacing the tube protection fuse. Does anyone have a link for DT25 replacement fuse. I just got my JTV and I am itching to get the dream rig up and running.


Would this work? http://www.amazon.com/Cartridge-Fuses-250V-375A-Slo-Blo/dp/B00LQPQ1EC


I am finding .375 Amp 250v slow blow fuses but some of the picture show a smaller looking fuse than I need.


Any help is appreciated.


Thank you.

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Okay.  Here's what I bought.


Bussmann MDL-3/8


I got them through ebay.  Here's a link to a similar deal:




I bought the other fuse from Radio Shack P/N 270-1064

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Having gone through all this ..... and From My thread below ....




The tube protection fuse is the tough one to find ... the line fuse is pretty much available at any guitar shop.



The actual Tube Protection fuse I have in my DT25 (375mA/250V Slo Blo) is a LittelFuse 0313.375 

Mouser Part # 576-0313.375MXP

Manufacturer: LittelFuse

Manufacturer Part Number: 0313.375MXP




The Bussmann MDL 3/8 is an equivalent.

Mouser Part Number: 504-MDL-3/8

Manufacturer: Eaton

Manufacturer Part Number: BK/MDL-3/8



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Thanks guys! I did call line 6 about a month ago and they gave me a part number and a site to get it from but the part number didn't come up at all ha. I just ordered from the mouser links posted above. Hoping it was indeed just a blown fuse and not the tubes failing but I ordered a few extra just incase. Thanks again for the input!

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