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Hello everyone, I have a few questions about using pod farm 2.55, with studio 1 free. Before I begin i'd like to make note of what I am currently using as of now.




-ux2 line 6.

-studio 1, free.

-podfarm v2.55

-windows 8, 64-bit, 8gb+.

-processor a6-4400M.


Alright, the issue I am having is using the plug-ins from pod farm 2.5 with studio 1. I am aware that i can run pod farm, and studio 1 separately and just record the amps/etc from pod farm 2 in studio 1. Instead, I would like to be able to search/use the plugins from pod farm 2.5 in studio 1. The problem is, when I run studio 1, create a new song, click files>documents>line 6>tones>guitar, there are no pod farm plugins in there. Is it possible to get the pod farm 2.55 plugins to work in studio 1? Do i need to convert the pod farm plug-ins into a different file? If so please let me know, if not then hey it is what it is. Thanks for your time, and I hope you guys can give me some answers :). 


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I do not use Studio One so I do not know the exact specifics.

But in general in your DAW you need to insert an instance of a plug-in, for PC look for VST.

Then there should be a list of available VST's, look for POD Farm 2.

If you can not find it, you my need to look in the preferences of Studio One to point and scan the folder where the POD Farm dll file is installed.

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