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M13 and SKB PS-55 Power Supply


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I just picked up a used M13 and I love it!  I also bought an SKB PS-55 pedalboard that also rocks!  The SKB has two 1.3 amp 9 VAC outputs and I'm hoping to power my M13 from one of those jacks so that I don't need to also plug in the wall wart that comes with the M13.


I saw some archived comments about this issue, but nothing recently posted about it.  Has anyone tried this?  Any feedback on how it works?  Is the draw of the M13 too much for the 1.3 amp output of the SKB PS-55?


One other thing I'm considering is putting a y-cable between the two isolated 1.3 amp 9 VAC outlets to make a 2.6 amp 9 VAC power supply.  I'm pretty concerned about this, but I did talk to some of my friends that are electrical engineers and they seem to think that it should work without problem.  Of course, it's not their equipment that might get fried if it doesn't work!


Any thoughts on the this 2nd possibility?  I'd verify that the two power outlets are truly isolated (check continuity between the hot leads to make certain there is no bleed-over there.  If someone has considered and tried this, please let me know.

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Yeah, the M13 is a lot of fun; I also recently bought a used M13, and it rocks!


I also have been researching power options; I know the Voodoo Labs power supplies implicitly state that they will NOT power an M13. I think the higher current draw is the primary issue?


Here's an archived thread, you may have already read through this:


"M13 is rated for 2000 mA.Some searching around the forum indicates that the M13 actually draws close to 1400 mA"


SKB PS-55 = 1300 mA, 9VAC


"Line 6 (excludes M9/M13)"


"The M13 cannot be powered directly by any model of the Pedal Power series, it simply draws too much current. - John Clark (Voodoo Lab ® Magician/Tech)"


Possible option to "mod" a pedal power device for use with the M13:

Custom Pedalboard Design


"The Pedal Power AC can power the M9 without modification from either of the 9V 1200mA outputs on the right side of the front panel.

The increased current draw of the M13 why it is unable to be powered by the Pedal Power AC. Which of the modded outs in your pictures would be appropriate for the M13? From what I understand, the M13 requires 9VAC at a minimum of 1.5A."

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