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Set Footswitch to Un-latching (Momentary)


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Is it possible to set say FS1 to be un-latching.  It would be nice, especially for the pitch vibrato effect.  You could step on FS1 and have the rise parameter setup to gradually change pitch.  Release footswitch and have it gradually come back down to normal pitch.  This how the Boss VB-2 worked.



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Yes I thought about using the expression pedal, but not the same feel as using footswitch to momentarily turn effect on while it rises up to full speed setting.  I could press the switch twice but still not the same feel as a VB-2.  Thought maybe with a software change they could make the behavior of a footswitch to be either latching or non-latching.


Thanks for the input guys.

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I've drawn a simple schematic with MS Paint for you to follow.


10K is the official resistance for the POD HD expression socket (EXP2).

In this example, at rest, the "normally closed" momentary switch, will present

0 Ohm to the POD. When stepped on, the momentary switch will present a

10K Ohm resistance to the POD. If you require the opposite logic, simply

reverse pins 1 and 3 (or turn the switch around 180 degrees), and re-wire.

Build this into a project/stomp box, and connect to POD via standard patch

cable. As for the switch itself, it doesn't/shouldn't need to be specifically a

"normally closed" or "normally open" type switch, I'm just using the term to

clarify it's on/off state (NC in the diagram). All you need is a standard "SPDT

momentary" footswitch. I can't say how well this will function for your exact use,

as this isn't a typical mod, but it's about as close as you'll get. Let us know how it

turns out if you decide to build it, if all goes well, I might even make one myself ! 


One last thing I need to mention.


Some POD HD owners (like myself), have reported a detection issue with the

EXP2 interface. So if you run into a detection issue, the only solution to this is

plugging into the socket AFTER the unit has powered up. Cheers.




SPDT = Single Pole, Double Throw.


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You can alternatively use a SPST momentary switch by putting the switch in parallel with the 10k resistor. Switch On = closed = 0 ohms. Switch Off = open = 10k ohms. So whichever momentary switch you can find, get it and you can make it work.
A SPST switch only has 2 contacts so, modifying the schematic above, the 10k resistor connects between tip & ring as do the 2 switch contacts.
Edits: I attached a schematic. Of course, you can also use an SPDT switch with this configuration as well. My main point was that he can use whatever type of switch he can find. He's not just limited to SPDT.


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OK I don't have the switch yet but did have a 10k resistor and 1/4" jack. I wired with resistor between tip and ring.  When I touch the two leads together closed I get 0 ohms and have min range set 0% modulation, when I untouch the two leads I get 10k ohms and have max range set to 50% modulation.  So SPST will work and of course SPDT will too.


So first off let me say thanks to Mr. X for the idea to begin with.


Although I am still messing with settings (like rise) to get that true rise and fall that VB-2 gives. I don't really notice much difference in the rise settings through the whole sweep of the knob.  The other problem is when 0 ohms is present there is no fall it is just off.


Anyways, thanks guys and whoever sends me the switch first wins :)


I'll let you know how it goes when totally completed.

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So I already had a 3 way aux footswitch I made for an Eventide stompbox.  So I made a 1/4 mono cable with the 10k resistor across tip and ring at one plug end.  Works just need to reverse min/max settings in HD edit.  Not exactly like VB-2  but close enough.


Thanks again all :)

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